Sexism-Embeded into society still to this day?!

@Everydaysexism and @Jess_Chemgeek highlight to constant battle of sexism

Just thought I’d share this; a brilliant tweet by @Jess_Chemgeek (as a response to @EverydaySexism ‘s original tweet) who is an active campaigner for women in STEM subjects, as well as being a big communicator as a Chemistry whizz on twitter! Although this is a very humorous highlight on the picture shown in this tweet, it’s still shocking that big companies such as @ASDA are this lazy when it comes to putting their magazines into correct categories without placing a strange male domination over them.

All it takes is one additional sign which says something along the lines of “Specialist Magazines” or “General Interest”! Instead we end up with idiotic people who do things like this, and thus insulting or possibly could even go as far as to say putting off young women who maybe interested in just browsing ‘New-Scientist’ or ‘National Geographic’. Right! Okay, that may seem a little far fetched but I can’t speak for the mindset of every young woman out there, and not everyone shops at ASDA’s ultimately. But, the fact remains that even in this modern society there are still hidden elements of sexism, even when it comes to buying something as simple as a magazine, it seems to be everywhere.

We need to move away from this bizarre ideal and stigma that science/politics or any other subject of specialism is of male interest only, or we’ll be doomed as a society by lack of diversity and thus slowing the evolution of its free-thinking strength. The only way for society to truly evolve is if it removes all stigma towards skin, gender and alike so all that matters is the individual personality. It is my strong belief that science accomplished this ideal long ago, but is still taking a considerable amount of time for this to be rooted out from the average person in the street.

Only time will tell,

The ObAstro


Well thanks to consistent tweeting by many, the efforts of @EverydaySexism and @Jess_Chemgeek have been a success! @ASDA is going to change ALL possible sexist signage! I’d say that causes for celebration of victory!

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