I’m a graduate!

Hello fellow Astrogeeks,

Long time no see and all that, it’s been a busy couple of weeks sorting things out, but I’ve now graduated from The Open University with the funky qualification title ‘Bachelor of Science with Honours in Natural Sciences’. I could even be really pretentious and put ‘BSc (Hons) Nat Sci (Open)’ after my name, however I’m not like that, the use of those postnomial letters are reserved for ‘extreme’ circumstances ;-).

Congratulations! So, what now?

Well, it’s the same plan as before, I received my official offer for the MPhil just over a month ago now and accepted it straight away, so this coming October I shall be full registered and enrolled as a full-time research student, the tricky bit at the moment is finding accommodation (rental properties are hard to come by), but in the mean time I shall be filling up my days with lots of reading and getting started, I can’t even begin to describe or portray how excited and thrilled I am to start! But, for now I have my degree ceremony to look forward to in the coming month in Milton Keynes, where I’ll get chance to dress all smart and wear a robe minus the mortarboard (OU graduates are too ‘cool’ for those ;-)).

I’ll of course update on my progress in due course with all things ‘academicy’ as well as snippets of my degree ceremony, if you’re dying to see awkward photos/videos of me walking across a stage that is, but hopefully it’ll help others to become inspired into embarking themselves into Higher Education, study for the hell if it if nothing else, it’s ultimately the reason why many choose to do an academic degree in the first place; passion, interest and desire.

For now though I’ll leave you with my ‘MPhil fund‘, if you can donate that’d mean more than you could possibly imagine, otherwise sharing the webpage would be more than enough to help me build funds in order to pay for the tuition fees :-).

Catch you later Astrogeeks,


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