I’m currently a student myself in Astronomy/Astrophysics, and have been passionate about the subject since an early age. My aim in this blog is to help spread news/articles/papers by reviewing them, as well hints, tips and telescope advice. With also some ‘Best of the Night Sky’ segments, which will showcase some well-known astrophotography alongside with information on the target in question.  There will also be (If I have time to compile it) a ‘What’s up this month’ section, highlighting what key events/notable objects to look for in the current month’s night sky; Deep Sky Objects, Messier Catalogue, Stars, Constellations and how to find them with the naked eye. Yes that’s right you don’t need a telescope, just some nice clear and dark skies.

If there are any suggestions, help, advice etc. Then please post a comment and provide some feedback on what you’d like me to add/improve :-).

Happy stargazing my fellow Astrogeeks,

The ObsAstro

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